Academic Programs

The Academic Affairs Division functions in a team-oriented, collaborative environment that fosters student learning, student academic achievement, high academic standards, faculty expertise, faculty and staff diversity, faculty and staff professional development, multiple methods for delivery of academic programs, community partnerships, and educational collaboration with public, private, and higher educational institutions.

The Academic Affairs Division communicates and implements the College's academic vision, mission, values, and goals by providing leadership and support for faculty which, in turn, promotes staff engagement in student learning and instruction.


  • Administer academic matters efficiently and professionally
  • Produce quality academic programs that fulfil Kuwait society's needs and market requirements
  • Attract academic expertise to provide a learning environment that is characterized by a high international standard of teaching quality
  • Develop teaching and learning processes that are student and technology centric
  • Diversify academic programs and maintain their qualities
  • Achieve superior quality in the academic programs offered while maintaining full accreditation

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