Human Resources


BHCK's reputation, prestige and accomplishments are derived from its people.

The Human Resource Services mission is to continually strive to ensure that BHCK is an employer of choice, capable of attracting and retaining the finest caliber employees. They are committed to serving, supporting, and valuing all members of our community as they contribute their unique talents to the realization of BHCK's goals.

Department Objectives

Leadership: Human Resources is committed to motivate and support employees through fair and competitive levels of compensation, benefits and development programs while establishing a foundation for personal and professional growth.

Recruitment / Selection / Retention: Develop, maintain and deploy a recruitment and selection framework that is aligned with the organization's Equal Opportunity Employment policy, being fair and thorough, working with departments to seek employees who will work well within the college community and provide excellence within that work assignment. Competitive wages and benefits will be developed and maintained to attract and retain employees.

Customer Service: Human Resources will promote excellent customer service to all customers of the college, both internal and external, and provide opportunities for employees to express opinions and ideas about their jobs as well as broader campus activities.

Training & Professional Development: Human Resources will encourage and provide avenues for employees to improve their work skills and personal abilities through staff development activities aligned to BHCK's career pathways. Professional development activities will be planned and facilitated for the faculty and management staff supporting BHCK's pursuit of excellence.

Careers @ BHCK

If you feel you have the qualifications and experience required and would like to join the BHCK team then follow the links below for open positions and more details.

Important Notice: To assure your application is considered, please review the "Required Qualifications" carefully before applying. Your CV / Resume should reflect the indicated skills and experience required for the position.

If you have any questions or require assistance please email:

Date Posted Current Opportunities
13-04-2022 GA, ID, Fashion, Visual Merchandising and Bus. Assistant Professors
30-11-2021 Graphic Arts Lecturer
30-11-2021 Interior Design Lecturer
21-04-2021 English Foundation Instructor


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