Box Hill College Kuwait Welcomes the German Ambassador

Dr. Ali Arifa: Meeting with leaders and successful people enriches the students’ educational experience Box Hill College Kuwait hosted H.E Karlfried Bergner, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kuwait. The Business Department at Box Hill College Kuwait organized the lecture “Contemporary Germany” which was delivered by H.E the German Ambassador on Wednesday, March 13th 2019 at Essa Al-Rifai Auditorium in the college.  The lecture was organized under the supervision of Mr. Bassem Alkassem, a faculty member at the department, and was attended by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Shaiji, the chairman of the board of directors, Dr. Ali Arifa, the president, Dr. Arezou Harraf, the Head of Department, faculty members, and the students. The lecture shed light on Germany’s past and present, and the reflection of the deep-rooted German history on the culture and the economy of the Federal Republic of Germany.  The lecture highlighted the quality of education in the German universities, many of which have long academic history and contribution to humanities. H.E talked about how quality education helps building educated and productive generations in different fields including applied, vocational and higher education. H.E encouraged the students to consider Germany as one of the best options to continue their higher education.  He also encouraged them to visit the embassy’s website ( which includes a lot of valuable and interesting information about Germany, German education and tourism.      H.E ambassador Bergner expressed his admiration of the college and its building. He added: “While I was touring your impressive campus, I saw how excellent and equipped the facility and the classrooms were. I also noticed how warm and friendly the students and the faculty members were, and I realized the reason why you are proud of your college”.    This lecture was organized as part of a guest speaker series for the students of the Business Department especially, for those who undertake the course International Business. The college has recently hosted a number of speakers with vast knowledge and experience in global and regional trade, international operations, economics, and culture and history. This includes H.E Piet Heirbaut, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium; Mr. Rolando Lozada, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Peruvian Embassy; Mr. Majid Abdulrahman, the Commercial Director at ABC; and the trade and economic counsellors at the Belgian, Canadian, and British embassies.   Mr. Bassem Alkassem who is a specialized faculty member in international business and business management commented: “Such lectures help the students expand their horizons and understanding of global trade and economics, and the way economics influence decisions made by international organizations in different markets”. He added: “These lectures enable the students to be future leaders capable of taking part in informed decision making processes”. Dr. Abdulrahman Al Shaiji and Dr. Ali Arifa thanked H.E for his lecture and emphasized the role of such lectures in reinforcing theoretical knowledge through practical experience. Box Hill College Kuwait is always eager to host such specialized lecturers in different fields to enrich the practical aspects of education through allowing the students to embark on their interaction with the guest.

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