Facilities & Information


Facilities Services

The Mission of the Facilities Department is to support the campus through excellence in design, development and maintenance of the college’s grounds and services. The Facilities Department is responsible for design, construction, renovation, maintenance, repair and operation of facilities, grounds, utilities, student excursion arrangements, cleaning, clinical and security services.

Box Hill College Kuwait 50,000 m2 purpose-built campus provides access to a comprehensive student-centered learning community. The international design parameters are based on facilitating the higher education of women and enhancing that development of mind and spirit through the surroundings, services and environment.

The College buildings and campus combine local culture and heritage with modern state of the art facilities including parking, cafeteria, swimming pool, student association and social areas, state of the art library, student bookshop and a 230 seat purpose-built auditorium.

Services and Support

Security and Parking Services: As the only women campus in Kuwait, security services provide and maintain a protected and secure environment ensuring that students are comfortable and secure within the campus facilities. Spacious parking facilities are available for the use of the College’s students, faculty, visitors, staff whose activities are consistent with the purpose of the College.

Cleaning Services: The facilities department strives to maintain clean and hygienic classrooms, laboratories, offices, facilities and landscape at all times.

Maintenance and Repair Services: The responsibility of the Facilities Department includes serving the needs of a heterogeneous student population and to make sure that the facilities are well maintained and serviced. This responsibility includes maintaining building exteriors and interiors. Student numbers, programs of study and technology changes require renovation and expansion and the Department adapts to these changes to suit student needs.

Health Services: Box Hill College provides Health & First Aid services for College’s students, faculty, visitors, and staff members and other persons or groups whose activities are consistent with the purposes of the College. A fully qualified nurse is available during regular College hours and the Clinic is equipped with all the necessary medicines and first aid equipment.

Special Events Support: The Facilities Department provides support for college-sponsored special events in campus buildings and grounds. Such events include exhibits, lectures, receptions, seminars, sporting events, workshops and so forth.

Information Services

BHCK will use targeted technologies to support its mission as a premier higher education college in Kuwait. The ongoing exploration and strategic implementation of innovative and reliable technologies play a key role in enhancing the educational environment and advancing educational and administrative excellence.

The Mission of Information Technology Services is to support this mission of BHCK through excellence in design, development and application of information technology for the college community.

Academic and Technical Services Unit

  • Develop and implement plans for the use of learning technologies in support of the College's instructional strategy and as part of the College's Technology Plan.
  • Advise the campus on current and emerging learning technologies.
  • Provide the faculty with professional development opportunities.
  • Assist the faculty in developing and enhancing their use of instructional technologies.
  • Provide support services for the use of technology by students, faculty and staff.

Information Systems Unit

  • Develop and implement plans for the use of administrative and internet technologies in support of BHCK's mission and strategy.
  • Advise the campus on current and emerging information system technologies as they relate to administrative information systems and internet/web systems.
  • Provide administration with professional and technical support in the use of the College's administrative information systems.
  • Assist the College and specific units with planning for and the implementation of new web-based technologies.
  • Coordinate ICS research and development initiatives.

Network Services Unit

  • Develop and implement plans for the use of the campus data network in support of the College's IT strategy.
  • Provide the campus with reliable, stable internet services that meet the requirements of the College's educational and administrative objectives.
  • Advise ICS and the campus on current and emerging data technologies as they relate to the objectives of the Technology Strategy.
  • Provide a secure, stable, reliable data network environment for the College.
  • Assist other departments within ICS with planning for and the implementation of new technologies.


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