Admission Requirement


The Registrar and Admission Department at Box Hill College Kuwait (BHCK) accepts applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year.
All applications from individuals who have graduated (or about to graduate) are considered, and approved subject to admission criteria and to seat availability.

 Admission Requirement:

  • Year 12 graduate or equivalent
  • Submission of proof of result for a TOEFL score of 500 or an IELTS score of 5.0 OR
  • Completion of Level 2 in Intensive English Program at Box Hill College Kuwait OR
  • Passing of BHCK Entrance test with a score for direct entry into mainstream courses.

All students applying to admission at BHCK must submit all of the following documents:

 A filled-in application form (the form is available from the Registrar and Admission Department at BHCK).

  • 3 current passport size photos.
  • Photocopy of the Civil ID(valid) & the Passport.
  • Photocopy of Parent’s Civil ID.
  • Two copies of the original high school transcript certified by the Ministry of Education (one must be in English).
  • Evidence of high school equivalency (only for those students graduating from Private and Foreign Schools).
  • Transfer students are required to provide official documents (Course Descriptions & Transcripts) from previous college/university. Transferred credits must be grade “C” or above and cannot be older than 5 years.
  • 35 KD - Application Fees.

Upon receiving a provisional acceptance letter from the Admission Department at BHCK, students who wish to register for the PUC scholarship must apply through visiting the PUC website at, during specified scholarship admission period.

Students of Kuwaiti mothers, please provide the following additional documents:


  • Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the Civil ID of the  Kuwaiti mother
  • Copy of the student Identification Card

If the student is accepted in the PUC scholarship program, the student must submit the following documents:

  •  Original High School Certificate

 The scholarship application will be cancelled, if the student does not provide the College with the Original High School Certificate during the specified period (no later than the completion of the first week of classes).

N.B: If the applicant has taken either the TOEFL or ILETS and earned a score of 500 or 5.0 and above, (respectively), she may be allowed to start the academic program directly (i.e., waived from taking the BHCK’s Admission Placement Test, and from attending the Foundation Program).


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