Counseling & Advisement

The Office for Student Counseling and Advisement is founded on the principal of supporting and helping all students succeed academically' developing and making progress toward life goals' and being productive members of the college and society. Often students encounter obstacles that make reaching those goals difficult. The department's services are designed to help students work through or around those obstacles.

Learning & Career Center

Provide students academic help with tutoring services, counseling, and valuable supplemental classes and workshops. Help current and prospective students discover their passion and the right path to the career of their dreams. The Center helps students find internship opportunities, plan for under graduate studies and offers assistance and instruction with entry-level and mainstream coursework.

Study Support & Counseling

Students will be able to receive Study Support to help keep up with their class work. The counseling staff of BHCK will be qualified personnel who have specific training and experience in counseling. Counseling is an excellent opportunity to look at the issues which are important to you, or may be causing you difficulties, in a safe and confidential setting.

Career Counseling

This service is available to prospective and enrolled students to help them identify the careers for which they would be most suited. Career 'tests' may be used to assist people in making their decisions. Career counseling is also of assistance to those who have career goals and want to know how they can go about achieving them.


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