Message from IEP Academic Manager

Welcome to the Intensive English Program of Box Hill College Kuwait!

Our courses will help you develop your English language, study skills, critical thinking abilities so that you become high achievers in Box Hill diploma courses and beyond.

The Intensive English Program’s primary goal is to provide you with the tools, skills, knowledge, and experience needed to smoothly transition to your study fields and become successful learners and professionals. Our program aims to provide you quality teaching and support you in your learning. Our courses are tailored to your needs, built having in mind multiple intelligences, and that no two students are alike. We believe that anyone can grow with the right guidance and support. Our teaching helps scaffold your learning and achieve your academic and career goals. We use various instructional methods and technologies that are interactive and engaging. We play, watch videos, discuss the news, work on projects, organize events, visit places, and write reports to develop language and academic skills. Our program is very structured, but delivery methods and assessments are versatile. Project-based learning and task-based learning are a big part of our program. The highly qualified and experienced faculty comes from different parts of the world, with a wealth of expertise to share. They will team up with you and help you develop confidence in yourself and the skills you need on your path to success. Our number one focus is YOU, and we are here to support you and ensure that you have every opportunity possible to learn, grow, and be all you can.

On behalf of the program’s faculty and staff, I warmly welcome you to the exciting and friendly world of Box Hill College and wish you all the best in your studies.  

Ms. Sosil Somokian

IEP Academic Manager



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