Message from Head of School

Welcome to Box Hill College Kuwait and the Department of Applied Arts and Design. The department offers the College’s General Education program and excellent undergraduate program leading to Diplomas in the fields of graphic design, interior design and website development.

Applied Arts and Design programs provide students with a mix of artistic and technical knowledge to be used in today’s competitive design careers. Successful graduates may start their own businesses, work on their own as freelancers or join established companies. The flexibility of an Applied Arts and Design diploma or Degree draws many to the industry, and traditionally needs a strong portfolio to stand out among the crowd. The Department of Applied Arts and Design is a dynamic collective of innovative and talented staff working on the cutting edge of design, technology and arts practice. Our faculty consists of dedicated professionals with many years of experience, both as practitioners in their fields and as instructors keen to guide and assist you in your endeavors. Graduating students may find employment in areas as diverse as graphic art, interior design, web design and development, multimedia and Management Information Systems. Graduates may also choose to seek further study. On behalf of the faculty and staff of the department, I welcome you into the exciting and innovative area of design and wish you all the best in your studies.

Ms. Reem Al Zamel

Head of the School - Applied Arts and Design



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