Placement Test

At Box Hill College of Kuwait every applicant has a pathway to further study. All programs at BHCK are delivered in English. Students applying to BHCK must take a computerized admission test to evaluate their English language proficiency level. The placement test helps students determine their level of English and Math proficiency. Placement test results determine any preparatory studies required to ensure the student can succeed in their chosen academic program of study. If the student passes the BHCK admission test or has taken either the TOEFL or ILETS and earned a score of 500 or 5.0 and above, (respectively), she may be allowed to start the academic program directly (i.e., waived from taking the BHCK’s Admission Placement Test, and from attending the Foundation Program).

Applicants who do not qualify for admission to the academic program of study due to lack of English language proficiency will be considered for admission to the BHCK Department of Foundation Studies.


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